Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mutants and Magic: Introduction

I'm taking the conversion notes for Boot Hill and Gamma World in the first edition Dungeon Master Guide and using them as general guidelines in 2nd edition Dungeons and Dragons.
Instead of having characters transported from one campaign to another, the background will allow races and classes to be created based on a single background world.
My initial idea is to set the timeline after a War of the Worlds type invasion.
Everyone thought the Martians had died. In a sense they had.
But what they left behind were actually seeds that grew into even more horrible monsters and caused waves of genetic mutations. It seemed the Earth would be overgrown by these new alien ecosystems.

Humans with knowledge of ancient magics and scientific visionaries desperately try to use the salvaged Martian technologies to  fight back this new threat.
Meanwhile an invasion of another kind is taking place. The weird experiments have weakened the barriers between Earth and another dimension.
An alternate world that is connected to Earth like a shadow. Creatures thought to exist only in folklore and fairytales are stepping through.
Elves, dwarves, gnomes and others claim to be the true keepers of the Earth.
Are they here to defend or conquer?
                                 WILL YOU SURVIVE?

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