Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Weirdhammer Science Fantasy Roleplay

Mutant Future
Warhammer Fantasy 1st edition

Realms of Chaos
WH 40K: Rogue Trader


~ The Mutant Future stuff ~
1. Roll 3d6 for each ability, in order. ( MF page 10 )

2. Choose race. ( MF page 11 )
--> Human (+3 to CHA, INT and CON)
--> Mutant / Psyker
--> Beastigor ( Mutant Animal )

3. Roll 2d4 for number of mutations. ( MF page 21 )
--> Psyker Mutants may choose two mental mutations to represent the focus of their wyrd powers.
--> Bestigors may choose two physical mutations to represent what kind of animal breed they are.
--> Roll remaining mutations randomly. Choose to roll each on either physical or mental mutation tables.

~ The Warhammer stuff ~
Each of the Mutant Future races will count as specific Warhammer races for rolling on the skill and career tables, thusly:

--> Humans always count as humans.

--> Mutants may count as humans, elves, dwarves or halflings.

--> Beastigors will be described as predator, herbivore or scavenger.
----> Predators count as elves.
----> Herbivores count as halflings.
----> Scavengers count as dwarves.

1. Choose a career class. Ignore ability restrictions. ( WH page 16 )
--> Warrior
--> Ranger
--> Rogue
--> Academic

2. Roll 1d4 starting skills. Ignore age modifier and mandatory skills.
 ( WH page 17 )

3. Roll or pick basic career. ( WH page 18 )

4. Determine hit points as per Mutant Future.

5. Record trappings and roll 3d8x10 for gold. ( WH page 18 )

A Note on Magic
Magic is weird.

Option A: Use the Warhammer magic rules with saving throws or ability rolls from Mutant Future.

Option B: Do not use magic. Instead, give the magic user types some bonuses to use weird technology.

Option C: Treat magic similar to spells in Call of Cthulhu. The characters may know the theories behind magic, but it is dangerous and unpredictable. You could even say it's chaotic.

So what do skills do, then?
When a character tries to do something involving a skill or special talent they have, they won't completely suck at it.

Character Advancement

Use the career advancement system from Warhammer.
--> Each attribute bonus from Warhammer converts into a +1 attribute bonus to the Mutant Future attribute listed below.
--> New skills, talents and new careers are handled in Warhammer.
---> Optional: Find a way to use special talents from Necromunda.

Warhammer Ability  =  Mutant Future Ability
Move = Speed
Weapon Skill = Melee Bonus
Ballistic Skill = Ranged Bonus
Strength = STR
Toughness = CON
Wounds = Hit Dice
Initiative = Initiative
Attacks = Attacks
Dexterity = DEX
Leadership = CHA
Intelligence = INT
Cool = WIL
Willpower = WIL
Fellowship = CHA

Weapons. Combat. Critical Hits.
Use rules from Mutant Future for weapons, equipment, combat.
When a character reaches zero hit points,  make sure you use the Warhammer critical hit charts so things get all grim and gory.
There shall be mud and blood and skulls shall be shattered.

Thank you.

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  1. I miss classic Warhammer art where, "hey, there might be a random exposed boob, you don't know."