Saturday, January 5, 2013

Calling All Road Warriors, Wastelanders and Mutant Dregs

Do you have a Gamma World, Mutant Future or other post apoc RPG blog or website? Old school or new and shiny.
Or maybe you have favorite websites with art, fiction or science news that might serve as inspiration for these games.
Please tell me about them and provide some links.
I'm going to create an index on my blog and on G+.


  1. I think I can help a bit...

    The Savage AfterWorld -
    A Field Guide to Doomsday -
    From the Ashes -
    Green Skeleton Gaming Guild -
    Tempora Mutantur -
    Warning - Mutagenic Substance -

    There are also several that have burned out more than a year ago that hold a lot of good info, as well as "catch all" blogs that post on a variety of genres, including post-apoc. But these I've listed are genre-specific and still on-going

  2. Henchman Abuse is post-apocalyptic


    these are my gamma posts - running a game at the moment for next few months