Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Collection ~or~ Is This Normal?

I collect comic books and games I rarely play.
I haven't found a group around here to play anything with, so I just buy the games and read them.
One of the reasons I started blogging is to share my interest in gaming.
Anyone out there just buy games to read or for nostalgia?


  1. I don't have quite the game collection you have, but yes, I do just buy games to read them. My most recent purchase was Tusk (Wessex Games) a set of miniatures skirmish rules for cavemen on Mammoth hunts. Don't have any figures for it, and probably won't buy any either, but I heard good things about the rules and just wanted to read them. I do this probably more than I should.

  2. I buy a lot of games I don't play. The other day I figured out that if I wanted to run all the rpgs I own, assuming I never run another one, I'd have to run non-stop campaigns, switching every six months, from now until I retire.

    Your collection humbles me, but it also makes me feel a lot better about owning too many rpgs. ;P

  3. I think you are in good company, very good company. I've been reading the older version of the Hackmaster rule set and I'm certain I will never use them. I own the AD&D 2nd ed. books just for nostalgic reasons too.

  4. Ha! I have TSR's Indiana Jones and Buck Rogers boxed sets on the same shelf, too! Only on my shelf, they're separated by The Rocky and Bullwinkle Party Game, Menzoberranzan, The Alternity Science Fiction Adventure Game boxed set and Crimson Skies.


    Yes. It's quite normal. Nice hoard, chico!

  5. Have you tried gaming on Google Plus?

  6. I'm right there with you, man.

    I read comics (I quit the "collecting" aspect, though...they're just haphazard in boxes) and collect RPGs...and records...and the odd action figure or two....

  7. @ Happy Whisk - I'm going to try and learn more about Google+ in the next couple of days. Maybe I can find a game with my fellow bloggers. That would be great.

    Thanks to all for your comments. I feel a little more normal now. :)

  8. Hey that's a pretty good pile of stuff, but you do need some shelves - even the old cinder block & boards would make some of that easier.

    I do buy games I know I'll probably never run. I used to be much worse about it but I have gotten better. Of course now if I do start to run a game I have completionist disease where I feel the urge to own everything in print for said game. I suppose I've just traded one tic for another.

    Another thing that's funny - do you notice how many of the book spines or box sides you can recognize at a glance without even reading the words?