Saturday, October 1, 2011

I survived the OSR Challenge: A September of Short Adventures

The September of Short Adventures challenge is over. I only finished three of the proposed twenty to twenty-five adventures. I am a little disappointed by that but at the same time not really discouraged.
I recieved some positive feedback on the ideas I had, so at least they were inspiring or at least entertaining to someone. That's all I really want from my blog.

So I'm going to put the mustache-Dragon somewhere over there on the right. >>>>>>
It will serve as a reminder to work harder on future challenges and eventually as a link to an index of the adventures written by participants in the challenge.

Challenge conceived and hosted by: Asshat Paladins . Thank you.
Here are the links to the other blogs that participated.


  1. At least you were able to get some adventures done, I didn't. :( Guess I doomed myself to non-survival! Watch out though I might just be a zombie!

  2. Good work and keep the faith Anita!