Monday, August 13, 2012

Kamandi Ka-Monday: The Tiger Army

When we last saw Kamandi he had figured out how to drive a jeep like vehicle and was just beginning his journey of exploration.
Now, on the road, he sees something coming fast behind him. How does he see it, exactly?
Rear-view video!   BAM!!   Jack Kirby just saw the future!
 Ditching the vehicle in favor of stealth, Kamandi sneaks around to get a better view of the group that was behind him on the road.
After already seeing talking, bipedal wolves, he's not too surprised to see an army of man-like tigers dressed in Romanesque armor.
Kamandi seems to be adapting quickly to this strange new world.
Kamandi spots a sniper about to take a shot at the tiger's leader. Acting quickly, the young human takes out the would-be assassin with a clean shot from his trusty pistol.
He is then snatched up and onto the back of the tiger-man's horse.
 Turns out Kamandi has stumbled into the middle of a battle between the tigers and the leopards.
He has just saved the life of the tiger's leader, Caesar, and is being carried straight into a war zone!
Notice the leopard-man in the foreground looking straight out of the panel as if the reader were looking through a window at the action. Classic Kirby.
Overwhelmed by the superior numbers of enemy, Caesar reveals that his mace is actually an artifact weapon that seems to shoot either a flame or a kind of laser.
This could make a neat goal for a quest or maybe just on a random loot table.
The tiger leader seems to think Kamandi is just a dumb animal. He roughly hands him to one of his henchmen to be taken to the "Royal City".
So far the tiger society seems pretty complex. Armies. Cities. Royalty. Access to ancient artifacts.
Definately needs to be written up in Gamma World or Mutant Future.
And so Kamandi is "rail roaded" to the next set piece, the Royal City of the Tigers.
Captured and transported to the next scene.
Better that than dead.

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