Monday, November 28, 2011

Kamandi Ka-Monday: Proto-Froghemoth?

In Kamandi #25 from 1975, Kamandi and his friend Ben Boxer encounter this huge monster lurking in a tidal pool.

It only appears in three panels. Kamandi and his friends make a hasty escape.
If you look closely it has a similar appearance to the Froghemoth which first showed up in the AD&D module Expedition to the Barrier Peaks from 1980.
It's amphibious. It has three eyes on top of it's head. The coloration is practically the same. And the triple tongues could have easily been converted to tentacles.
I wonder if Gary Gygax or Erol Otus were inspired by this Kirby creature or other comics in general?

Here's my take on it. Kind of a combination of the two illustrations.
What do you think?


  1. I have that comic, but never made the connection with the Froghemoth. : )
    I like your rendition.

  2. Ditto what Bill said. There's a great Kirby feel to your version, but it's not a complete pastiche.