Sunday, November 13, 2011

Back to the Basic Set and Weird Science Fantasy

I really want to play something easy. This idea uses the Basic Set, Gamma World 1st edition and a few good ideas swiped from other blogs.

Here's the big idea: The gods are actually aliens. Some call them the Shapers. They are responsible for mutations, introducing technology, clerical magic and anything else I can't think of right now.
This world is like an experiment or even a game to the Shapers.
Any other details are developed as I go along.

Character Classes:

CLERIC: Combining ideas swiped from Alternate Science Cleric for OSR D&D at Strange Magic and
Six Gods of Mangalla at Jeff's Game Blog.
Clerics are humans who have been abducted by the Shapers and altered for mysterious purposes.
They have strange implants that grant them their cleric abilities and spells. Most of the implants look like jeweled diadems or bracelets and small metallic plates and cables embedded in the skin.

DWARF: As per Basic Set.

ELF: As per Basic Set.

FIGHTER: As per Basic Set.

HALFLING: As per Basic Set.

HUMANOID: As per Gamma World.

MAGIC-USER: As per Basic Set.

MUSKETEER: Swiped from Beyond the Black Gate.

MUTANT ANIMAL: As per Gamma World.

ROBOT: Renamed from the Warforged adaption at The Grumpy Old Troll.

THIEF: As per Basic Set.

WITCH HUNTER: Taken from B/X Blackrazor.

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