Thursday, August 18, 2011

Character Detail Tables

The following ideas are based on an out of print game called Danger Quest and partly from ideas from the Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game. Yes, the one with the cards.

But don't worry. There are no cards used here. In fact, there are no real rules except maybe a bonus or penalty here or there according to the DM.

These character details are mainly meant to be used as plot hooks or complicatins for the characters.
If you are using a skill system they might also provide a bonus in appropriate situations or influence reactions from NPCs.
Because of the background of Danger Quest, the details are geared toward more modern century characters. With a little imagination they can be adapted to any genre.

Basically, here's how it works: Roll twice on each table. After that, choose one of the two details you rolled from each category. It's got some randomness and some choices.

For example: I roll twice on each table.
Background = 42 Military Brat or 71 Fish Out Of Water
Motivation = 18 Explorer or 73 Responsibility
Secret = 28 Addiction or 57 Deadly Disease
Training = 14 Inventor or 66 Burglar

Now I choose one of those details from each category to create a basic background for my character.
Fish Out Of Water - He grew up in a port town and spent alot of time fishing, swimming, boating.
Explorer - He likes to travel and see new places, meet different people.
Addiction - He likes to knock back a pint and won't pass up an oppurtunity to carouse.
Burglar - He's been known to sneak around and steal stuff.

Because of the class systems used in most games, training could be tricky. It could be considered a previous occupation or it might influence class choice if possible.

Skill List from Masque of the Red Death.
Still trying to find a way to  use this.

I thought these tables would look cool scanned from my earlier printed documents, but I may have to retype them at a later date.


  1. Cool idea. I really dig that font the charts are in, too.

  2. Overall I do like the font. It just scanned real crappy.
    I had printed these out about a year ago and no longer have the actual text file.
    I got in a hurry tonight and didn't want to type them all over again. And so the scan.
    Anyway, I'd like to expand on the idea.
    The great thing is you could customize the list for your own campaign.