Friday, September 2, 2011

[OSR Challenge Adventure #1] Alice Down the Rat Hole

A September of Short Adventures at Asshat Paladins
Alice Down the Rat Hole
A short adventure idea for AD&D or other fantasy game.

Get Ready: Times are tough and the characters take a job in the food preparation industry. Little do they suspect they may be on someone else's menu.

Get Set: Debts need paid and stomachs need filled. Unfortunately there seems to be no oppurtunities at the moment for brave adventurers. So they take a job in a large kitchen that caters to the king/mayor/warlord/someone important.
A pack of wererats and their pet giant rats have been stealing food and local livestock.
The princess (or daughter of the important NPC), Alice, has fallen in love with one of the wererats in his human form. She doesn't know he's a wererat or that he's also courting other women in the city. Many other women.

Go!: The characters must find a way to warn the princess or her father of the danger and prevent the princess from being turned into a wererat. They must be delicate about this or they may be accused of actually helping the wererats. Or the princess could say that the characters are actually making it up to further some scheme. And of course if the characters cause too much of a stir they could lose their jobs and desperately needed income.

Notable NPCs: A King or Mayor, his daughter, a cook or two, some wererats, a wererat Don Juan, jealous women, giant rats.

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  1. This is a very cool bit of skullduggery for players to meddle in--and the potential spin-offs from this as a starting point are quite intriguing. Cool stuff!

  2. I like the fact the players are in dire need of income; everything in fantasy RPGs always has the players heading off in search of adventure, but the concept of a tough economy and a need to work for a living -- and then having adventure find them -- now that's refreshing.

    As an aside about blogger's formatting: I recommend writing up posts in a simple text editor. I use Ommwriter personally ( but notepad works just as well.